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Tips for getting the Best Microblading and Permanent Makeup

My name is Daisy Tran and I am a master educator in cosmetology with over 16 years in the industry. I have been both an instructor and owner of multiple salons and spas. Over the years I have had to repair hundreds of poor microblading and permanent makeup procedures. 

It is difficult for me to see so many women traumatized by the unimaginative lack of artistry.

      Microblading has recently become extremely desired and I want to help you achieve the beautiful brows you deserve. Here are a few tips to guide you on your journey.

1. The single most important thing is to do your homework and remember it is going on your beautiful face.  Make sure your microblading artist has plenty of before and after photos. A photo is worth a million words. Please do not trust your beautiful face to the lowest bidder or first person you come across. I would recommend you interview a minimum of 3 to 4 microblading or permanent makeup artists.  Trust me you are worth it and your face deserves the best!

2. Please make sure the microblading and or permanent makeup artist’s before and after pictures show full face of both eyebrows and  front view.  If your artist only shows one eye  that is a huge red flag. Check for symmetry and zoom in and get real close. (Hint: if your potential artist says that they are sister eyebrows,  remember that you need twin sisters.) 

3. Beware of photos you can not zoom in on. We have all heard about the photos, yikes!!!! Zoom in and look very carefully at the microblading hair strokes or permanent makeup lines. They should be very neat, smooth and crisp. Your microblading hair strokes should not be the same thickness on both ends. Your hair naturally starts thicker at the root and is slightly thinner at the end. If your hair is the same on both ends, this will look too course and unnatural. The hair strokes nearest to your nose should be lighter, yet darker near the ends. If this area is too dark, the face will appear aggressive. Unless you dig the mean look. ( ; (Hint: please do not let anyone work on your face while drinking a red bull; no shaky hands for your billboard!)

4. Your microblading hair strokes needs to follow your natural hair flow. Probably half of my repair work is fixing microblading hair strokes that do not flow with your natural eyebrow hair stroke. 

5. The distance between your microbladed eyebrows is just as important as the hair strokes. If your eyebrows are too far apart, your nose will appear bigger. On the other hand if your eyebrows are too close, your face will look masculine and mean. Make sure the outer edge of your microbladed eyebrows travels more outward than downward. Trust me, you do not want the dreaded McDonald Arch framing your beautiful eyes.

6. Everyone has a different bone structure when comparing the right and left sides of your face. One side of your face is slightly lower and I call that your lazy side and the other side is higher and I call that your active side. Please make sure your microblading artist checks your many facial expressions to create the correct symmetry for your eyebrows.

7. Last but not least is the shape of your new beautiful eyebrows. You can not put the same eyebrows on different faces. Some artist draw the same eyebrow repeatedly. You want the right shape for your face. For example a person with a round face would not want a very straight and long eyebrow it would make them look heavier. For this type of of face you would want a more prominent arch to help make the face look longer.

8. Make sure you find an artist that understand skin tones and undertones. The Fitzpatrick skin pigmentation scale helps artist find your correct pigment (color). 95% of people have blue undertones and 5% of people have pink or purple undertones. The pigment will fade and turn color over time. It really helps slow down the color changing if the artist uses only the highest quality ink.

9. There are many extremely gifted artists everywhere I go. Hopefully with these tips, you can connect with one of these artists to achieve beautiful permanent makeup and stunning microbladed eyebrows. 

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