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Facials in Aledo, Hudson Oak, and Weatherford, TX

Do you want a beautiful and younger-looking face? Do you have fine lines and tired-looking skin? Alluring Aesthetic Studio near Aledo, Hudson Oak, and Weatherford, TX, provides calming, rejuvenating facials that will leave you looking healthy, happy, and younger.


What Do Facials Do for Your Skin?

Facials are a great way to look younger and healthier. They also can:

  • Moisturize skin
  • Eradicate dead skin
  • Mend blemishes and lines
  • Clear pores

After a facial, you often come away with smoother and glowing skin that will help you feel better and leave your face healthier and stronger.


What Facials Do We Offer?

Alluring Aesthetic Studio offers a variety of facials. Visit us in the Hudson Oak, TX, area for:

Aqua facials

This four-in-one treatment provides quick, superior results. This treatment is good for acne, wrinkles, dehydrated skin, and uneven skin tone.

Collagen facials

Collagen facials focus on collagen infiltration. This helps with de-aging, skin elasticity, and skin appearance.

Deep cleansing facials

Deep cleansing facials target dead skin cells and pores, both of which produce acne and oil. These facials help your skin look healthier and smoother.

Express facials

Express facials are for people who need a quick facial boost. These provide all the necessary treatments to promote skin health and youth.

Flash peel

The Flash Peel is a very light peel that uses a combination of glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. Your skin will GLOW! Perfect for special events!

Fountain of Youth facials

Fountain of Youth facials focus on de-aging your skin. They do this with moisturizers, serums, massages, and masques to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin.

Oxygen facials

Oxygen facials use our signature technology OxygenCeuticals from South Korea. These facials keep your skin healthy and hydrated with the Oxycryo. This tool uses oxygen and seawater to kill bacteria, spread helpful vitamins and nutrients on your face, and help your face glow with health.

Vitamin C facials

Vitamin C is important for premature aging protection. These facials also help fix dark spots and uneven skin tone.


What About BDR Skin Repair Treatment?

Our newest skin repair technology from Germany is a rejuvenating medical-grade treatment that merges five therapeutic aesthetics procedures into one single treatment. This treatment contains a chemical peel, dermabrasion, detox touch therapy, microneedling and red light therapy or blue light therapy. Microneedling helps stimulate collagen and elastin from the dermis and infuses growth hyaluronic acid, serum and peptide into the micro channels.

The synergy of all this advanced medical technology achieves instant and lasting results, creating a very exclusive, new type of skincare treatment for every skin type. Beauty Defect Repair (BDR) is excellent for anyone seeking a youthful rejuvenation treatment with no downtime, no pain, and no redness.

Call us now at 682-936-4936 or 817-757-7856 to schedule your appointment today. We serve the Granbury, Weatherford, Hudson Oak, and Aledo, TX, areas.