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Since Microblading is a newer eyebrow treatment many people have questions.

Below I answer the most frequently asked questions and provide wisdom based on my training, practice and experience.

How long does Microblading last?

While Microblading is not considered permanent and the color will fade over time, with proper care and depending on your skin type, we recommend a color refresh in 6-18 months.  Microblading enhances the brows - but you may need to use powder or pencil to achieve your final result.

How long does Microblading take to do?

Two treatments are needed to complete the Microblading process.  The first treatment will take 2 hours and then we allow the skin to heal.  The second treatment will take about an hour. The results are not immediate but with realistic expectations and patience they will be worthwhile!

How do you choose the color?

We will guide you through a consultation process to find the color that best matches your skin tone and preference.

What will they look like immediately after the procedure?

Tenderness, swelling and redness, along with blanched whiteness from the anesthetics will subside over the next 12 hours.  The strokes will remain darker in the first week and will fade to a natural beautiful color.

Is the procedure painful?

We use a combination of a topical anesthetic, as well as a local anesthetic once the procedure is underway.  Some clients report little to no discomfort, while others say it is somewhat uncomfortable. We make every effort to keep you as comfortable as possible.  Please keep in mind that having the procedure done during your menstrual cycle, may make your skin more sensitive. Anesthetics do not last as long for smokers and patients with Fibromyalgia, so they may experience more sensitivity during the procedure.

What can I do for pain after the procedure?

You can take Tylenol for mild soreness in the first 24 hours.  Wait at least 24 hours to take Aspirin, Advil or Ibuprofen as they are blood thinners.

What can I expect during the healing process?

It will take 7-10 days for treated area to heal.  You may notice scabbing as the brows heal - do not pick at scabs!  In the first month the treated brow may peel, then continue to lighten, and have a milky opaqueness that is all part of the natural healing process.

Is a Touch Up Session necessary?

Yes.  At 6 weeks we do the 2nd session and this is vital to achieve a beautiful result.  Your skin-type will determine how your skin absorbs the color so we fine-tune the brows to ensure even color, brow thickness and natural strokes.

Do I have to wait the 6 weeks for my Touch Up?

Yes.  It is necessary to allow the brows to heal fully so that the final result is achieved and the touchup is accurate.  Also sensitivity is minimized during the 2nd session, and scarring is avoided when the brow is fully healed after initial treatment.

Can Microblading damage or scar my skin?

We have had expert training and experience to ensure a beautiful result without skin damage or scars.  Microblading is a gentle scratching of the skin and when done by TRAINED PROFESSIONIALS is considered less traumatic than use of a device.

What if I use Facial Injectables or Fillers regularly?

Microblading is NOT recommended for skin that has been altered with injectables or fillers.  The face should be in its natural state - so clients should allow the effects of injectables to completely wear off.

What about African American Skin or Dark Skin Types?

We recommend a patch test for dark skin.  There are challenges associated with healing and skin injury for black skin.  Hyper pigment, where the skin produces more melanin can create darker pigmented areas.  Hypo pigment can happen where the healing skin produces less pigment and thus white areas can result.  We recommend a consultation and expert analysis of your skin type to determine if Microblading is appropriate for you.

Can Microblading be done over Tattooed Eyebrows?

Yes - but we recommend a consultation.  Depending on the scar tissue in the eyebrow from previous treatments you may require more procedures to achieve the result you desire. Previously done eyebrows from another technician may take 1 to 3 treatments to achieve the desired results.

Can I have Microblading done before a Big Event?

Due to the stages of healing - we recommend doing your Microblading 3-4 months before a big event.

Can Microblading work for me if I have very oily skin?

Clients with oily skin are not ideal candidates, as they tend to bleed more and the production of oil causes the healing brow to have a less defined, softer look.  We recommend a consultation and patch test.

Can I Give Blood after having Microblading done?

The Red Cross recommends waiting 6 months.

Can I have a MRI SCAN?

Consult with your radiologist as the procedure shows up as an artifact.  You may also experience a tingling sensation at brow area.

Can I have Laser / Pulse Light done before or after Microblading?

It is important to consult your Laser therapist as lasers can cause permanent color change.

What if I do not like it?

Microbladed Eyebrows will eventually fade away if no additional Touch-Ups are done.

Additional facts:

  • Use of sunscreen will prevent the sun from fading your results.

  • Lighter brow colors fade faster than darker colors.

  • The longer your skin takes to regenerate cells the longer your results will last.

  • Bleeding reduces the color absorption, so blood thinners (caffeine and certain medications) should be avoided before procedure.

  • The longer it takes for your skin to absorb the color - the longer skin will hold the color.